4:12 Staff

4:12 Staff

78% of the population of Kenya is youth-aged and under, and the average age of a person is 18 years old. Despite this most churches don't have ministry for the youth. It is not that they don't want to minister to the youth it is that many have never thought of it. Our goal is to equip churches to reach youth. 

We strive to accomplish our goal in three ways:

1. Conferences

We train senior pastors and churches on biblical principles of youth ministry. Our goal with this training is to encourage them to start a weekly youth bible study, which has proven to change lives and add between 10-50 youth and adults within two months.   

2. Seminaries 

We train pastors and church leaders in existing seminaries and bible schools in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Burundi on youth ministry. Most seminaries and bible schools do not have a course dedicated to youth ministry. Our goal is to help these pastors and churches leaders graduate with an understanding of how to reach nearly 40% of their home country's population.  

3. Curriculum

We have a team of Kenyan writers that creates devotions and bible studies in a Kenyan context. We have developed an app named "Kuza," which means "to grow" in Swahili, and consists of daily devotions. Youth are able to download this app on their smart phones for free.


KUZA Numbers

434- Total Daily Devotions Written as of June 2018

15 - Local Kenyans who write curriculum

2- Local Kenyans who Market Kuza fulltim

9500+ - Total Downloads as of June 2018

3500+ - Active Readers as of June 2018

1- Radio Stations that promotes Kuza daily

25- Average Number of Daily Downloads as of June 2018

$1000- Cost to send 15 writers to write up to 90 devotions, edit them, and post them on Kuza.

$35- Cost to Host Kuza online for one month


About Matt & Kelly Elmore


We are both native Floridians, born into wonderful Christian families. We met in college at Florida State University (Go Noles!), where we were both involved in the Baptist Campus Ministry. After graduating with a degree in marketing, Matt felt called into the ministry. Specifically, he felt led to go with Global Youth Ministry to the country of Kenya, where he had taken a mission trip while in college. He began working for Global and attended their Institute for Global Youth Studies to receive training in missions. Kelly was not so sure at first, but God gradually changed her heart (a whole other story!) and she agreed to go for one year. That was in 2008, and we're still here! Kelly works for a wonderful international Christian school, and Matt has since earned his Master of Theological Studies degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2018 God led us to continue staying on the mission field, but with a different mission organization named African Christian Outreach. We love living in Kenya and enjoy its beautiful animals, landscapes, and people. It is now truly a home for us, our little boy Ezekiel, and our sweet and slightly quirky cat, Chewy.