The Moser Family / Nairobi, Kenya

Partner with RothemHouse

"Rothem" comes from the greek word for "broom tree". The broom tree provided shelter to Elijah after being chased into the desert. 1 Kings 19:3-8.
It was under the broom tree that Elijah connected with God and found rest, comfort and food from theangels who attended to him. He was so renewed that Elijah then traveled 40 days on that physical and spiritual nourishment.
RothemHouse, through God's provision, aims toEquip, Refresh and Connect missionaries as they continue their journey.

        We are called to Equip, Refresh and Connect Christian missionaries and their families through hospitality, leadership training and pastoral care so that they may increase in capacity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  

To meet this calling we aim to serve the growing number of African missionaries who are being sent.  Through a hospitality and leadership centre in Nairobi, Kenya we seek to provide a place for our guests to rest, recover and be refreshed in the beauty of God's creation.

Our vision

We humbly accept this is how we see our goal today and expect that God will continue mold this purpose to His will.


We seek to partner with other christian missional and teaching organisations and individuals so that we can equip missionaries and their families with leadership and theological training, counselling, and practical missional teaching. We would aim to also provide space for christian conferences, seminars and retreats.


It is our goal that each "guest" finds visiting with us a time of spiritual refreshment regardless if that is a few hours or a few months.  We aim to serve their practical needs through quality hospitality and provide space and time to reflect, pray, and meet with God on a personal level.  


Through partnerships we aim to connect groups and individuals so that they might better share resources and encourage one another. We are especially excited to be part of the growing movement that partners churches and East African missionaries with the goal of serving the great commission and unreached people groups in and out of Africa.  We plan to use social media to connect a global support group with missionaries that pass through our centre. In this way missionaries will receive prayer, encouragement and practical support through a global campaign.  Likewise, the global support group will be encouraged to hear about the many ways God is at work around the world.